Find your skincare routine in less than 2 minutes

Have you included or are you looking to include new DHYVANA products in your personalized skincare routine but you’re not quite sure which one is perfect for you?

We know it can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming trying to figure out which product works best for you. Often, we end up with a collection of cosmetics either because a friend recommended them or because we saw someone else using them, only to find ourselves with a bunch of products on our dressing table that don’t quite hit the mark. Sound familiar? Well, we want you to know which DHYVANA product is ideal for you from now on. That’s why we’ve put together a SUPER TEST so that with just a few questions, you’ll have your personalized routine in no time! Once you’ve completed the test, we’ll email you the product information to create your personalized skincare routine, and you can always refer back to the results whenever you like.

Get to know your skin type to choose the products that suit you best

It’s crucial to understand and observe your skin, its needs at any given moment, and then act accordingly with a personalized routine that suits you. And it’s not just about your skin type; your lifestyle and the time you want to dedicate to your routine also influence the choice of products. It’s worth remembering that less is more. Your skin can also become stressed if you use too many products or an excessive amount of them. It’s best to start with the most basic routine (cleanser + moisturizer + sunscreen) and gradually incorporate other products, such as ampoules, to address specific skin needs.

From here, it’ll be easier to choose the products that will meet your needs according to your skin type and its characteristics:

  • Do you feel your skin tight, with fine lines, and some areas feel rough and dull? Then it’s possible your skin is dry.
  • Do you notice your skin with some pimples, feeling oily, and with imperfections in some areas? Then it’s almost certain your skin is oily and it may also be combination if you experience an oily T-zone (forehead, nose, and chin) and drier cheeks.
  • Do you notice your skin irritated and prone to redness, especially with temperature changes? If the answer is yes, then you have sensitive skin.

And here we’d like to remind you that all our products have been dermatologically tested on sensitive skin, do not contain perfumes or harmful ingredients, and are free from allergens.

  • Maybe your skin’s texture looks balanced, with no visible pores and no significant discomfort? Then we identify your skin as normal.

Why it's important to personalize your skincare routine

Every person’s skin is unique. That’s why it’s great to think about a tailor-made beauty routine that fits like a glove to achieve the expected results. This opens up a wide range of possibilities, often changing, because the skin can be of many types: dry, combination, oily, sensitive, normal. Because it will need different care each season. Because the skin evolves with us as the years go by. Because depending on our mood, it will also experience changes. Hasn’t it happened to you that one day it’s radiant and the next it seems to need a little extra love?

So, based on this, we can build a personalized skincare routine that’s just like us: flexible and ready to adapt to anything. It’s a matter of trying different products and ingredients, seeing what works best for our goals and concerns at the moment. And that choice must meet those natural changes to keep us always with our best skin.

We won’t keep you any longer; we’ll let you take the test, which we’re sure you’re eager to do. And, of course, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us by email or through our social networks, and we’ll be happy to help you!

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