Summer love: your boosters in summer

With the warmer months of summer, it is essential to adapt our facial care routine to protect our skin from damage caused by intense sunlight, heat and other environmental factors.

An effective way to keep our skin radiant and healthy during this season is including facial ampoules in your skin care routine.

  • They absorb super fast
  • Provide luminosity and hydration in record time
  • Provide intensive antioxidant protection

That is why they have already become the most popular choice for lovers of natural beauty these summer months. Do you want to discover all the incredible benefits that these facial ampoules have for you? We tell you!

Why use facial ampoules in summer

DHYVANA facial ampoules are formulated with high purity and best quality natural ingredients that help to hydrate, nourish and protect the skin during the hottest months. They contain a high concentration of active ingredients for your skin without being heavy or adding excess fat.

During the summer, our skin can suffer from dehydration due to the heat and increased perspiration. You can keep calm because our ampoules are packed with an expert blend of Vegan Hyaluronic Acid and nutrient-dense superfoods that pamper and nourish your skin. From Prebiotic Ferments to Therapeutic Plants and Seaweed Capsules, each ingredient is a luxury in itself for better skin no matter your needs.

In addition, all our ampoules are ECOCERT certified, which means that they have been rigorously evaluated and tested to guarantee their effectiveness and natural quality. They are free of animal origin ingredients, vegan, and no animal testing was done during their development. This certification gives consumers a lot of peace of mind, since they can trust that we are using reliable, ethical and effective products.

For its maximum contribution this summer to your skin, its nutrition counteracts aging caused by harmful sun rays. Excessive exposure to the Sun can cause oxidative stress and premature aging, dark spots and other skin problems. Our facial ampoules contain antioxidant ingredients that help counteract these and other negative effects of excessive sun exposure.

How to use facial ampoules

Using our ampoules is the most comfortable, easy and practical way to improve the health of your skin. Pour its contents into the palm of your hand or directly onto your clean, dry face and you’ll see how quickly they absorb. Don’t forget to finish your routine with your usual hydration and you already have your beauty boost. This fast!

If you want to see how to open, apply and keep them, we leave you this visual that we hope will help you:

You can combine them with the rest of your facial routine, ideally with other DHYVANA products, without changing anything you are already doing to improve the health of your skin every day. You can use these concentrated formulas both in the morning and at night, always after cleansing, applying them to clean, dry skin before your usual hydration and nutrition. You will see how you transform your routine in a single gesture!

* Images by Vakoya Studio

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