The best routine for sensitive skin care

Embarking on a journey to radiant and healthy skin is a common goal, but for those with sensitive skin, the path often comes with unique challenges. The surge in concerns related to skin sensitivity is palpable, and many seek guidance to alleviate the persistent redness, inflammation, and irritation that characterizes their skincare journey. We’ve curated a set of recommendations to soothe and nurture your delicate skin, ensuring a serene and beautiful complexion. Don’t miss out!

What sensitive skin means

Skin sensitivity can be something natural, which occurs permanently, or it can occur punctually over time, which generates discomfort and tightness in the face if we do not remedy it.

Sensitive skin is not a type of skin in itself, but can be any type of skin: dry, oily or combination, which reacts to various external factors such as climate or pollution and internal factors such as stress, among others. The skin phototype must also be taken into account: for example, lighter and thinner skin types tend to redden easily and are more likely to have sensitive skin and need a higher sun protection factor.

When do we feel sensitive skin? Usually when there has been an alteration in the skin microbiota, which is the set of microorganisms that inhabit our skin. Due to this, the epidermis becomes more fragile and permeable, leaving it more vulnerable to external agents, allowing it to become irritated more easily. In addition, the skin reduces its natural barrier capacity, that is, its ability to retain water, which causes a feeling of dehydration and dryness. Has it happened to you?

While sensitive or reactive skin is more related to external aggressions, we must differentiate it from atopic skin, which has a strong genetic component and we recommend that the dermatologist take care of them in depth.

“It is very important that the care of sensitive skin is carried out with the appropriate products: high tolerance and that respect the pH”

Did you know? At DHYVANA we have chosen to incorporate ultra-concentrated ampoules so that the formula always reaches you freshly opened. We recommend that you start with an intensive treatment of 7 ampoules for 7 days. This way you will achieve visible results in a short time. After this first week, the best way to maintain, extend and prolong your results is to continue your treatment using half and keep it with the cap until the next dose. Very easy!

What can cause sensitive skin?

On a daily basis, we must avoid as much as possible all those external agents or factors that aggravate the sensitivity of our skin.

Sudden changes in temperature cause the amount of water present in our skin to vary, which produces alterations in pH. Changing, extreme weather or showers that are too hot cause blood vessels to dilate and this can cause uncomfortable burning sensations and skin redness.

The cleaning you do daily on your face is very important to maintain skin balance. Excessive hygiene or harsh cleaning or inappropriate cosmetic products can cause a change in the skin’s pH, increase the sensation of irritation or dry skin. Therefore, we recommend that you read the ingredients of your cosmetic products and avoid those that you think may irritate your skin, so you will take care of it in a healthier and more respectful way.

Other habits such as smoking, drinking alcohol or an improper diet can also aggravate the itching sensation. Even factors such as pollution, stress, fatigue or hormonal changes. All of this can result in an altered pH.

Take care of your sensitive skin in 3 easy steps

At DHYVANA we recommend using natural cosmetics that help reinforce the barrier function and natural balance of your skin. Remember that the skin on your face is thinner than that on your body, and that it is continually exposed to many of the factors we have talked about. That is why it requires more continuous and delicate care.

Take note to pamper your skin with this ritual that we have prepared for you.

Step 1. Cleansing

Cleanse your face with love. We recommend that facial cleansing be done twice a day, in the morning and at night with our Refreshing Papaya and Ginger Facewash for all skin types, which does not dry out the skin at all and purifies the pores without dehydrate. In the morning, it helps us clear the face and eliminate remains of the skin’s natural regeneration. At night, it helps us clean impurities, pollution and the remains of cosmetics or makeup that we have used during the day.

Ampollas faciales piel sensible Pure Cannabis

Step 2. Treatment

In our routine, we will always apply the product with the lightest texture first, whether serum or ampoules, as they are formulated to enhance those cosmetics that we apply later. 

For this step, we recommend the Pure Cannabis ampoules with Vegan Hyaluronic Acid, perfect for reducing redness and sensitivity thanks to the relaxing and anti-fatigue effect of Bio Cannabis and Therapeutic Plants.

Step 3. Hydration

The last step is to seal the treatment with a moisturizing cream that helps restore balance as soon as possible and calms irritation. We have a product that you will love: the Total Repair Treatment, specially formulated for sensitive and reactive skin. Its light fluid and therapeutic extracts of Tulsi and Milk Thistle reduce irritation, inflammation and itching, providing the long-lasting comfort you need, especially if you have been exposed to the sun for a long time.

Furthermore, to avoid aging caused by solar radiation, it is essential for the health and well-being of the skin to use products that protect it at any time of the year. Therefore, it is important to have a facial cream with medium sun protection (SPF30) and one with high sun protection (SPF50) for months of high sun intensity.

By following this routine daily, you ensure that you have protected, healthy and strong skin. It’s easy if you use the right products. So now you know how to show off healthy, beautiful skin!

And remember, if you have any questions or comments about the products in this post or how to care for your skin, don’t hesitate to ask us! We are happy to help you.

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