The best choice to protect your skin from the Sun

Did you know that the best anti-aging is a good sunscreen? Solar radiation is one of the biggest aggressors and it is essential keeping our skin in balance, always firm, smooth and hydrated. To maintain this balance, sunscreen is a key product that cannot be missing from your daily care routine.

In summer, when solar radiation is more intense, photoprotection becomes even more important to keep our skin healthy and protected from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. We are going to explain why the use of mineral sunscreens is the best option for you to take care of your skin and the environment, and also to do it in the healthiest and most sustainable way that exists.

At DHYVANA, we use 100% mineral filters, without nanoparticles and certified with the ECOCERT COSMOS ORGANIC certification. Our sun filters provide broad spectrum protection (UVB + UVA + IR) and are therefore more effective than chemical filters and other physical filters that you will find on the market.

As a result, when you shield your skin from harmful radiation, you not only increase your safety, but also enhance your ability to fully embrace and enjoy the summer and the sun.

How do I choose my ideal sunscreen?

It is convenient to make sure that the sunscreen, in addition to being healthy for our skin, contains sustainable filters, which do not harm natural ecosystems, especially aquatic ecosystems such as coral reefs and other marine systems. Unlike natural filters, many chemical sunscreens remain in the water for a long time and are filtered by living things and accumulated in their bodies, and are harmful to them.

Mineral or physical filters such as zinc oxide and titanium oxide, which are the filters you will find in DHYVANA, act as a barrier on the skin, reflecting and scattering UV rays, instead of absorbing them, before they can cause damage. In addition, these filters are non-irritating, making it ideal for the most sensitive and reactive skin.

What SPF should I use in summer?

The sun protection factor (SPF) that you should use in summer depends on several factors: your skin type, the intensity of the Sun and the duration of exposure are the big factors, in addition to your natural sensitivity and your personal preferences, among others. As a general recommendation, dermatologists recommend using a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30.

Do you like it with a touch of color? Try our CC-Creams and get a good face effect instantly! Our formulas go one step further and include antioxidants that protect the skin from polluting agents, unify the tone and cover small imperfections, giving your skin luminosity.

For the most sensitive skin, we recommend our SPF50+, suitable for babies and children, with calming botanical extracts that provide additional protection.

And to soothe your skin after sun exposure, you can’t miss our S.O.S. Restore Treatment. You already know that solar radiation causes oxidative stress, loss of hydration, a feeling of tightness and premature aging. That is why it is very important to rehydrate and calm it, avoid long exposures so that your skin maintains the same appearance as always.

"Our photoprotectors are specific for facial use and are specially formulated for facial skin: thinner, more delicate and with a greater tendency to create comedones"

Do you still have doubts?

You ask us a lot of questions about our sunscreens: are they waterproof? How often do you reapply them? How do I remove them completely? We have created a special FAQ section where you can consult these doubts and many more. You will find it at the end of the product. Take a look here.

You no longer have an excuse to use your sunscreen day after day. Don’t forget to protect yourself from the sun throughout the year and especially in summer!

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