Purchase conditions


The products proposed for sale on www.dhyvana.com constitute the available offer of Sukhadhara products. Sukhadhara S.L reserves the right to modify its collection, list and product categories at any time.

If a product is not in stock, its amount will be automatically deducted from your order and you can request it in a new order when the product is available. Even so, whenever possible we will try to notify you before sending so that, if you prefer, you can make a change. You can also send us an email to Dhyvana customer service (info@dhyvana.com) to request a change or cancellation. However, we cannot guarantee that the requested changes can be taken into account immediately.

In all brands owned by Sukhadhara S.L. We comply with current Spanish legislation and therefore our products are guaranteed against any manufacturing defect. With this guarantee, the obligation of Sukhadhara S.L. will consist of replacing the product recognized as defective by Sukhadhara S.L., excluding damages or compensation of any kind. We remind you that the products marketed by Sukhadhara S.L. they should be kept away from humid environments, extreme temperatures or exposure to strong light. Consequently, products that have not been stored under the conditions set forth above and indicated on the product packaging will be excluded from the guarantee.


The product photographs presented on our website are not contractual.



Our website is simple and easy to use, so you simply have to follow the steps indicated during the purchase process. Payment will be made using the payment methods available on the website, and after payment, the order confirmation will be made. Before payment, you have the possibility to verify the details of your order proposal and to modify it if you consider it appropriate. Before making any transaction, you must acknowledge being informed about our conditions of sale and explicitly declare that you accept them from the moment you check the acceptance box of Terms and Conditions on our website.

As soon as your order is registered, you will receive the information about it at the email address you have provided us, so that we inform you of the order, the exact amount invoiced, and its delivery conditions. We recommend that you keep the email to be able to claim if an error occurs during the purchase or product delivery process.

If your order is a gift or you simply want to personalize it for some reason, let us know so we can try to prepare it the way you like it best. You can add a personalized note or we can leave it blank for you to fill in when you receive it.


The registration of the order has the force of a contract and assumes the date of the agreement. Sukhadhara reserves the right to cancel orders placed by users with whom there is already an incident or suspected irregularity.


We will proceed to process the shipment of the requested products with the Bank Card payment method at the time the credit card issuer has authorized its use for the specific order. In case of payment method Bank Transfer or Paypal, the shipment will be processed at the time we have been able to confirm receipt of payment. In any case, the ownership of the goods will be transferred to the buyer at the time the payment has been made.


Within the framework of the order control service, Sukhadhara S.L. may need to contact the Client for the validation of a transaction and may, if necessary, request all the information deemed necessary (related to identity, and/or address and/or the means of payment used) from the client. The client must present the required supporting documents within 15 days of receiving the request from Sukhadhara S.L. The client is informed that the delay, absence or refusal to transmit the required supporting documents may lead to the cancellation of the order by Sukhadhara S.L. The term for sending the products requested by the client will therefore be subject to the receipt of these supporting documents and the order confirmation by Sukhadhara S.L.


When will I receive my order?

If you have placed your order to a delivery address within the Spanish peninsular territory, the estimated delivery time is 48 working hours from the moment the order is confirmed by Sukhadhara, S.L. If you want to know the estimated delivery time for a shipment outside this territory, please write to us at info@sukhadhara.com so that we can give you the best of the estimates. In any case, we advise you to leave us your phone number in case the delivery person needs to locate you to deliver your order.

If your order is delivered outside this territory, we will look for the best option according to weight and volume and we will inform you of the best available option so that you can assess its price before confirming the order.

The price of shipments may vary depending on the rates of transport operators. But in any case you will always be able to see the shipping costs applied to your order before payment and confirmation of it.


How can I return an order?

You can check our return and refund policy here




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