Our recap to Cosmoprof Asia: DHYVANA’S fantastic welcome into the Asian market

In our determined commitment to excellence and strategic growth, we have undertaken the challenge of expanding into new markets and cultivating a broader customer base. It is this determination that has propelled us to explore global opportunities and we are happy to announce our success in Hong Kong, a pivotal move aligning with our pursuit of international success. Hong Kong serves as the host to one of the most prominent beauty conventions in the Asia-Pacific region, namely, Cosmoprof Asia. This strategic endeavour not only underscores our dedication to market expansion but also positions us prominently in the heart of an influential industry event.

Over the past 25 years, this 4-day convention has been a powerhouse, boasting diverse pavilions that play host to everything from industry giants to groundbreaking startups and suppliers. DHYVANA couldn’t miss out! Our goal: Rock the scene by unveiling our game-changing Beyond Organic cosmetics line and flaunting our hottest product innovations.

You know us: at DHYVANA, Green Beauty isn’t a passing trend; it’s ingrained in our DNA, an enduring path to a richer lifestyle and a planet teeming with happiness and health. The spotlight at this year’s CosmoProf fell on ‘Green Lab,’ an awe-inspiring, interactive installation designed to awaken the senses to the beauty of eco-friendly practices. This reaffirms DHYVANA as a trailblazer, redefining the landscape of Natural & Vegan cosmetics and spearheading the evolution of 21st-century beauty. We’re not just skincare; we’re the present and future of a radiant, conscientious world.

Taking part in this international convention has been a wellspring of inspiration for our brand, offering a distinctive platform to shine, absorb insights, and thrive in a dynamic, competitive market. Today, we’re thrilled to extend this experience to all of you. Your support fuels our commitment to crafting top-tier natural, ecological, and vegan cosmetics while staying at the forefront of technological innovation. A heartfelt thank you to everyone!

DHYVANA’s journey of growth persists, carrying our singular vision of beauty that transcends boundaries and celebrates diversity in every facet. Are you ready to join our beauty revolution? The adventure awaits!

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