how we formulate

"beyond organic" is not just about what we eliminate. Let’s talk about everything our formulations do contain!

we eliminate everything your skin doesn't need


Ingredients we don´t use

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You already know parabens: they are preservatives of questionable reputation, but they are not the only ones. Did you know that phenoxyethanol and Katon CG also have a similar impact on the health of your skin? We only use preservatives similar to those found in nature, as accepted by the COSMOS international standard certified by EcoCert.


If we talk about sunscreens, the key is not to use any chemical filter of any kind or, of course, any compound that damages marine environments such as oxybenzones.
In addition, our sunscreens do not have nanoparticles, so they are much safer on all skin types.


SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) and SLES (Sodium Laureth Sulfate) endanger the cellular structure and the protective acid mantle of the skin, being one of the main causes of itching and irritation and other more complicated conditions.

When we formulate a DHYVANA cleanser, we take care that it preserves this protective function of the skin, avoiding these and other aggressive detergents.


There are countless synthetic ingredients that we do not use in our formulas: silicones and silicon derivatives, PEG/PPG others and petroleum products, EDTAs, formaldehyde and other ammonia derivatives, heavy metals, etc.
Some we do not use due to their toxicity to humans or the environment. Others because their continued use can cause irritation or because their combined use has not been sufficiently studied. Some have been shown to be carcinogenic…
If you want a more exhaustive list, the COSMOS regulation is continuously updated and explains which ingredients are included and which are excluded for health reasons. You can consult it here: COSMOS REGULATION


We care about the environment and we believe that taking care of it every day is important through each of our decisions. That's why we choose not to include ingredients that harm it in any way, including ingredients that may be in any way cruel to animals (we only use sustainable and cruelty-free ingredients) and 100% vegan.


At DHYVANA we always go further. Therefore, in addition to eliminating the most common synthetic compounds and ingredients of animal origin or that harm nature, we have decided to eliminate those ingredients that, even being natural, we see that they may have some contraindication for other reasons and that do not provide specific benefits. to your products. Thus, our formulas are much better for you and much more respectful of your skin.

and substitute with everything it wants


Ingredients we love

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You’ve seen it in many of our formulas and it is the basis of many of our products due to its multifunctionality: it hydrates, nourishes, soothes and regenerates; it is also antibacterial and overall constitutes a star ingredient due to its many properties.


They come from pressed plants, most often from their seeds, and they have a high concentration of benefits, that help regenerate the lipid in our skin and reactivate its natural protective layer. Depending on their botanical source, their nutrients will vary (vitamins, flavonoids, fatty acids, etc.) and so will their unique properties.


Did you know that Hyaluronic Acid can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water, improving trans-epidermal hydration without any irritation or known side effects? We use ours from vegetable sources and in a broad spectrum of molecular weights: the higher molecular weights visibly reduce wrinkles in the skin’s outer layers; whilst the lower molecular weights go deeper in the skin and ensure longer-lasting hydration retention.


Fermentation is used as a natural alternative to chemical synthesis in the creation of state-of-the-art active ingredients. This process allows the active ingredients to break down into smaller molecules, facilitating epidermal penetration and achieving more beneficial results on skin health. The resulting prebiotics offer advantageous properties, such as improving the barrier function of the skin, strengthening the skin's immune system and stimulating a healthy microbiota.


This advanced technology encapsulates Chlorella and Kelp seaweed in a membrane made of Cocoa Butter and prolongedly liberates its nutrients so that the skin can absorb them more efficiently. They act on the darker eye bags to reduce inflammation and coloring.


All vitamins originate one way or another from nature, and we use all that come from vegetable sources. They help maintain the skin protected from free radicals and have additional benefits like regenerating, stimulating blood flow and increasing collagen and other tissue renewal.


Unconventional botanical extracts and oils compose a fantastic source of remedies. From Ayurveda to Ancient Chinese Medicine to all kinds of traditional uses, plants have been used for their extraordinary benefits and they offer us inspiration in their formulas. When combined and properly used in synergy we can create unique solutions for your skin and achieve visible, long-lasting results.


We keep our eyes and ears open for everything that’s new in Natural Science. Plants, as they come, are fantastic in their purest form, and even more in the form of extracts and oils. As science advances, so do our products. We know that fermentation and encapsulation are great forms of bringing untouched ingredients to the next level, and we continue to seek for further ways to enhance ingredients and their positive impact on your skin.


how we choose our ingredients


  • At Dhyvana we are at the forefront in formulation: biodegradable & reef-safe sunscreens; slow release encapsulated algae; vitamin-enriched extracts of plant origin; prebiotic ferments; natural & vegan hyaluronic acid...


    We incorporate the latest advances in our formulas to always be the first to bring you the best of nature!


  • We have it very clear: you are at the center of DHYVANA. And it is that without our consumers we would not exist, that simple.


    That is why when we create a new product we think of everything: what you will feel when you touch it, when you use it, what result it will have on your skin. In everything. And the result is great, five stars, total!


    If you don't know yet, you're about to find out.


  • Each DHYVANA product begins and ends in itself, and at the same time it integrates perfectly with our universe of products. This does not happen by magic.


    We make sure that each ingredient works in synergy with the rest of the ingredients and that it also complements other products in the line so that you can create complete skin care rituals.

guarantees & commitment



All of our formulations are free from ingredients of animal origin or that harm them in any way.


cruelty free

As certified by Ecocert, we do not test any of our formulations nor our ingredients on animals.


gluten free

All of our formulations are free from gluten ensuring safe use for everyone.



Our formulas are 100% biodegradable, and protect both your skin and the environment.


ph balanced

Our formulations protect the natural balance of the skin and its microbiome.

our products certifications



At Dhyvana we use the independent certification service EcoCert to guarantee that with our formulas we meet the COSMOS standard of our products in which you will see this seal. To check which of our products have this seal, consult our catalogue.

More information at

ionc / bdih


As an alternative to EcoCert at Dhyvana we use the IONC certification proposal and the independent BDIH certification service that also guarantees compliance with the COSMOS standard in the products on which you will see this seal. To check which of our products have this seal, consult our catalogue.

More information at 

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