Beyond Organic

Welcome Divas who love breaking molds:
this is your home!

At DHYVANA, we're more than a skincare brand - we're a movement. We're breaking the mold of Natural & Vegan beauty, and we're doing it with style.

We'd love to welcome you to DHYVANA, the brand that aligns with you and with every Diva out there seeking breakthrough cosmetics as unique as them. Whether you're a washed face enthusiast or a lover of 5-star makeup, our universe of unique skincare awaits you. DHYVANA is more than a space for plant-based cosmetics. We are a haven challenging preconceived notions about beauty, offering something extraordinarily better: a fresh and improved approach.

Be a part of a better alternative to cosmetics with DHYVANA and step into a world of pampering skincare that adapts to you, prioritizing your needs. Explore our prejudice-free formulations that question a conventional approach to skin types, age, and everything you thought you knew about cosmetics, ultimately liberating you from the useless corset of normative beauty.

Whether you're a rebel Diva or one who dances to your own rhythm, we invite you to break any mold that doesn’t fit with you. This is your sanctuary; make yourself at home!

Our Divas expect an exceptional formulation that meets their high standards, and so do we. Welcome Beyond Organic!

A formulation that complements our breakthrough philosophy? Absolutely! At DHYVANA, we know that skincare goes beyond the surface; it's a nourishing experience for your entire self. That's why we insist it must be clean, nutrient-rich, and crafted exclusively with the highest quality ingredients.

Our compromise to you is that you feel fantastic in your own skin. Every decision we make, from the aesthetics of our beautiful (and sustainable!) packaging to the vegan, safe, and effective formulations, is carefully fashioned to make you feel like the Diva, or Dhyva, we recognize you to be.

At DHYVANA we are proud to have Ecocert certification.

This certification is much more than a seal on our products; it is a symbol of our commitment to transparency and responsibility at every stage of our supply chain. From ingredient selection to manufacturing and distribution, we strive to promote sustainable practices that protect biodiversity and preserve natural resources.

This recognition drives us to continue innovating and continuously improving our processes to minimize our environmental impact and maximize our contribution to a healthier and more balanced world.