About us

Better cosmetics from every angle. The cosmetics of the future, but today.

The team

Founded in 2015 by three passionate entrepreneurs we're on a mission to revolutionize the world of plant-based skincare.

As concerns about toxicity and toxins grow, the World’s demand for skincare free from harmful ingredients is on the rise. Simultaneously, this ever-growing market for cleaner cosmetics is a high-demanding clientele. Their concerns go beyond skin-deep, addressing issues like animal cruelty, harm to the oceans, and environmental impacts. And, why not? Also free from other allergens, and doing this sustainably, and ethically, and with the highest-quality ingredients.

The DHYVANA team has a shared a passion to create exceptional products that meet this demand. Our vision is to become the planet's most effective plant-based skincare brand, staying true to uncompromised quality: think luxurious textures, visible results, and unbeatable protection against aging and external aggressions. You can find out more about our unique philosophy at Beyond Organic, and everything about our guarantees reading on.

Behind our commitment to creating the best, safest and most-luxurious formulations is a team of highly experienced professionals. In our lab, our R&D developers and production team create our formulations that position DHYVANA at the forefront of Natural & Vegan beauty. Thanks to our in-house continuous research we use of Natural Science we bring our top-notch products to countries around the globe. Today, we export our excellence to three continents and continue our double-digit growth.

The lab


Plant-based. Affordable. Luxurious.

You know us: we were born from the pursuit to create this luxurious mold-breaking Natural & Vegan brand you love! Our commitment is to achieve this with deluxe yet affordable Beyond Organic formulations, certified by Ecocert COSMOS for quality and sustainability. But there is more. Here are some additional guarantees we provide for you:

Free from ingredients that harm animals, our products stand as a testament to ethical and sustainable choices.

Crafted from 100% natural sources, our formulas embrace nature and offer biocompatibility, nurturing your skin in perfect harmony.

We ensure no harm to animals through our products or testing, on top of remaining free from animal-derived ingredients.

With 100% biodegradable solutions, we safeguard honor our commitment to protecting the oceanic world, including the coral reefs.

We choose environmentally responsible production and ethical practices that help preserve our environment and protect our ecosystems.

We protect the natural balance of the skin and its microbiome with gentle, skin-friendly formulations that prioritize the skin’s health.

Free from allergens, including gluten, our formulations prioritize the safety and well-being, ideal for everyone’s safe use.

Our 100% mineral sunscreens offer effective protection without the use of nano-sized particles, ensuring a safer shield against the sun.